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Fish Collection is family-owned and operated right here in North Miami Beach, FL. Since our company opened in 1997, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. We offer a wide range of tropical and marine livestock and supplies, as well as, custom aquarium installations, service and maintenance. 

Fish Collection carries a huge variety of corals. Our regular inventory of over 300 corals consists of species including zoathinds, mushrooms, leathers, chalices, and more. For those looking to add rare and unique pieces to their showtank, we also carry a large selection of ultra grade corals from Australia and various other regions of the world. In addition to our coral colonies, Fish Collection stocks over 200 frags of all types of corals including zoas, leathers, euphyllias, ricordias, chalices, acans and so much more.

Committed to helping our customers achieve the tank of their dreams
Our salt water department is comprised of over 80 aquariums showcasing fish and invertebrates from all oceans throughout world. From the Caribbean to Indo-Pacific and everywhere in between, Fish Collection is where you will find the perfect tank-mates for your aquarium. 

Bryen, (right) with Brett Raymer 
of Animal Planet's hit TV show "Tanked"

We don’t stop there. If saltwater is not what you are looking for, we offer a large assortment of freshwater fish and plants including community, predator, goldfish, cichlids and discus, to name a few. Fish Collection has over 50 freshwater aquariums filled with a variety of fish from all around the globe. With 1 to 3 weekly shipments, we keep the selection fresh and interesting.

Fish Collection’s new and improved service programs are sure to keep any aquarium owner happy. With experts caring for your aquarium, you can sit back, relax and enjoy. Our service technicians take care of your aquarium as if it were their own. Whether you are having a problem with your aquarium or interested in an aquarium maintenance program, Fish Collection offers a FREE Consultation. Some of the services provided in our maintenance programs include water analysis, cleaning inside & out, checking equipment, changing media, water changes, cleaning skimmers and/or vacuuming gravel. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service plans are available as well as, Emergency services and tank relocation services.

Fish Collection takes pride in serving its customers with quality goods and service. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. Please visit us 7 days a week & see for your self. Once you step foot into our store, you’ll be hooked.