Cynarina Donut Coral X-LARGE 5.5” WYSIWYG

Cynarina Donut Coral X-LARGE 5.5” WYSIWYG

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BIG Cynarina, Great for the sand-bed in a larger system :) 

Cynarina coral are the gems of the aquarium hobby. Usually a green color, red cynarinas are highly sought after and much rarer than green ones. These corals are sure to add a blast of much needed red color to your tank, and stand out like no other. Cynarinas are peaceful, but keep them away from aggressive coral or sharp rocks. They prefer moderate lighting and low flow

Our Lighting and Parameters:  

Light: AI Hydra 32 HD (LED)

DKH (Carbonate Hardness): 8-9

Calcium: 440-460 (ppm) 

Salinity: 1.025-1.026 (S.G.) 

Nitrate: 0-5 (ppm)