ULTRA Nuclear Orange Scolymia 3” WYSIWYG

ULTRA Nuclear Orange Scolymia 3” WYSIWYG

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NOT your typical scoly... This is a AA+ Grade specimen with a brilliant orange color. Will not last! 

Scolymia or "scoly" for short, are coral that feature a unique disk shape. They normally come in green, but some come in green/orange and even brighter colors. Scoymia are normally found in Australia, but sometimes they are found in the Caribbean as well. Keep them in medium lighting and low flow 

Our Lighting and Parameters:  

Light: AI Hydra 32 HD (LED)

DKH (Carbonate Hardness): 8-9

Calcium: 440-460 (ppm) 

Salinity: 1.025-1.026 (S.G.) 

Nitrate: 0-5 (ppm)