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Bringing the best to our customers, since 1997

Serving South Florida for over 20 years, Fish Collection has become one of Miami's most famous aquarium stores. Built upon the foundation of passion for the aquarium hobby, we dedicate ourselves every day to bringing the best service and quality of products to our customers. We get new shipments of fish and coral multiple times per week from handpicked distributors to make sure Fish Collection has the finest selection of products for you. Now, to expand our reach nationwide, we have created an online store featuring some of our very best corals shipped right to your door with a click of a button. We want to take your hobby to the next level; whether you're looking for a zoanthid frag or a centerpiece hammer coral, we have something for you. 

Meet the Team 

Bryen (Owner) 

James (Online Store Representative)

Xavier (Service Technician)

Jose (Service Technician


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Store Phone Number: 305-944-3416

Store Email: fishcollection1@aol.com