Our Service Team

  • The Best in Aquarium Service 

Fish Collection's Service Team is comprised of skilled, friendly and reliable technicians who make it their life's work to build and maintain your aquariums to the highest standard. Whether you're looking for someone to do your monthly/bi-monthly water change, or you're looking to do an entire custom build from the ground up; we got you covered. With years of experience designing and maintaining aquariums, Fish Collection will certainly meet or exceed your expectations! 

Services We Offer: 

-Water changes (at desired intervals) 

-Adjusting/programming dosers, pumps and plumbing 

-Feeding and medicating fish and coral 

-Delivering fish and coral 

-Tank rebuilds or tear downs 

-Relocation or removal 

-Full custom aquarium and cabinetry design

Dream Build? We make it reality!

Dream of having a beautiful slice of the ocean in your living room? We can make it a reality! Fish Collection works with some of the best designers in custom aquarium glass and cabinetry to make just about anything you can think of. We build it all, from seamless in-wall reefs, to massive 500 gallon predator tanks. If you are looking for something truly unique, make sure to reach out to us either by phone or Instagram!

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Some of our current clients and builds!